The Dreams that Break Your Heart

“Ms. Alfieri takes a tremendous leap with this memoir. It is rare for an Italian American woman to chronicle her roots in such a fashion. She joins a rich tradition of writers who have explored the Italian American experience to define it for those who lived it and for those who will come after.”

Adriana Trigiani, from the foreward for The Dreams that Break Your Heart


A memoir about family, immigration, and forgiveness.

As co-host of the popular Italian American Podcast, Dolores regularly speaks with prominent Italian Americans about what it means to be Italian American; how it has shaped their lives; and what the culture offers larger society.

In The Dreams that Break Your Heart, through the lens of Alfieri’s own family story – which is full of power, compelling narrative, formidable characters, and universal appeal – Alfieri presents a portrait of what it truly means to be family, bonded, connected, through all the darkness and light of life, through all the broken dreams and broken hearts…

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